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Developers Helping Developers: The Use of Rescue Capital in Today’s Economic Climate

Eric Brody and Marc Dupiton, ANAX Real Estate Partners

Given today's current rate environment, many borrowers will be unable to fulfill their loan requirements. To survive, property owners have to come up with strategic ways to complete, recapitalize and operate their assets. While December 2022 showed its first signs that the Federal Reserve's decision to methodically increase interest rates is slowing down inflation, there is a long way to go until we see an easing policy environment. This creates a challenging environment for property owners, especially those with maturing debt in the next 12 to 18 months.

One of the key challenges facing the NYC real estate market is the amount of debt maturing in 2023, which is 30% higher than last year's $12.7B worth of maturities according to the Trepp data report[1]. Generally speaking, property owners can opt for an extension, but many property owners have already exhausted those options by extending their loans over the last three years. For lenders not willing to grant additional extensions, they will be expecting to be paid back in full once the note reaches maturity. When an economy is in its growth and peak cycles, the property owner can pay the lender its final payment by refinancing the asset. Unfortunately, for the owners whose debt is maturing in the next year, they have landed in the contraction phase of the economic cycle, where the standard refinancing practices are more expensive.

Despite these challenges, however, there are also a number of innovative solutions and strategies that property owners can utilize to navigate the capital markets and secure their financial futures. One such solution is the concept of rescue capital, which has emerged as a critical tool for investors looking to manage risk and achieve their investment goals in a challenging environment.

Rescue capital is a type of investment that is designed to provide support to struggling properties and help them overcome financial strain. This can take the form of equity investments, debt financing, or a combination of both, and is typically provided by a specialized company such as ANAX Real Estate Partners who has 30 years of experience developing ground-up properties throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. We have the capital and expertise to navigate the complex economic landscape, resulting in properties receiving the resources they need to recover from financial stress and regain stability, while also generating attractive returns.

There are several factors that must be considered when evaluating rescue capital opportunities. One of the most important is the financial health of the property and the nature of the obstacles that it is facing. Careful assessment of the properties financials, including its balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow, are key to ensuring that it is a viable investment and has a strong chance of recovery.  Then comes the experience and expertise of the management team, as well as the properties location, market position, and competitive advantages, to ensure that the investment is well-positioned for success. Finally, is the structuring of the rescue capital investment. Evaluate the terms of the investment, including the size, the amount of equity or debt that is being provided, and the terms and conditions of the financing.  Understand the risk profile of the investment and assess the likelihood of success, both in terms of the company's ability to recover from its financial difficulties and the investor's potential returns.

In conclusion, the current distressed real estate market in NYC presents a complex landscape, with both challenges and opportunities. To navigate this market effectively, real estate owners should focus on seeking out the right team to support in restructuring the capital stack, project completion,  and/ or operation.